Types of cleaners for pools

How do you clean the bottom of your pool?

When you clean your pool, you’ll need to be aware of the different types of cleaners that exist so you can choose the one that fits better with your pool’s requirements. Gre wants to show you the most relevant differences that exist between our cleaners nowadays, and what you need to take into account in your purchase decisión.

The first thing you need to know is that apart from the bottom, it is important to clean other areas of the pool such as walls or water line; not all cleaners are valid for that. In addition, it is necessary to know the capacity of the pool, in relation with the m2 of it, some cleaners are going to be more precise than others. The main difference between cleaners relies on the features of the vacuum cleaners and the automatic cleaners.

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Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most economic options that exist in the market right now. They connect directly to the filtration system of the pool, in the skimmer or in the vacuum point. Even though this type of cleaners may require a higher effort and more time, they work perfectly and clean the pool.  This cleaners are not able to clear the walls of the pools, they are specific for the floor.

The functioning consumes little electricity, as it doesn’t have to be connected to the electric power. Thanks to the suctioning of the filtration, the cleaner suctions the dirt of the pool and this gets trapped in the prefilter of the pump or in the tank of the filter. Furthermore, vacuum cleaners come with a telescopic handle that helps to reach all the corners of the pool.

So, if you are looking for a cheap cleaner, this is your best option.

Automatic cleaners

When analyzing the automatic cleaners, we can find different categories. This type of cleaners offer a more complete experience as they also clean walls and/or water line. They are even automatic cleaners that are exclusive for the cleaning of the walls.

Hydraulic cleaner

This type of cleaner is useful for cleaning the walls and the bottom of the pool. Its assembly is easy and the dirt is suctioned throughout the filter, that’s why it hasn’t got an independent filtration system.  This cleaner can move in an autonomous way and doesn’t need any type of additional equipment, becoming easier to use it. It has more power than vacuum cleaners and it adapts to all type of pools. .

Gre’s hydraulic cleaners have different designs prepared for different powers of pumps. It is important to know that you can’t use whatever hydraulic cleaner for the pool. First you have to analyze the power of the pump to contrast if it adapts perfectly to the pool. If the power of the pump is too low for the hydraulic cleaner, this one will move slowly and wih limited movements around the pool. However, if the power is too much, the cleaner won’t be able to clean the walls and won’t clean correctly.

Electric cleaners

Electric cleaners don’t need to be connected to the depuration system of the pool. They work autonomously and can be programmed in case is needed. When it comes to an efficient cleaning, they are the most efficient. With them you assure a complet cleaning of the bottom of your pool.

Battery cleaners

Battery cleaners are perfect for above ground pools or for specific corners of big pools such as the ladders part. They are easy to use and can work autonomously for 90 mins once it is fully recharged.  This type of cleaner is great for the walls of the pool, independently if your pool is an above ground or inground pool. It has the option to be connected to a telescopic handle, so as to reach all the surface of the pool with better results.

Pool robots

This robots adapt to every pool. Connected to a electrical power point, they move in an independent and silent way through the pool: bottom, walls and water line. Gre electric cleaner is the most complete cleaner for your pool. It works thanks to a filter that needs to be cleaned and emptied from time to time. It has a suction power that is extremely efficient that helps in the recollection of big residues but also is capable of recollecting the tiny dirt as could be the sand that stays i nthe bottom of the pool.  Cleaners are an essential accesorie in the maintenance of your pool. As we have seen, there are different types of cleaners and even though some of them share features, each type has a main function that adapts to the needs of the pool.

Now that you are aware of all the types of cleaners and the main features of this family: do you already know what is the best for you?

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