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Filtration types for pools

Why is it important to have a filtration system in your pool?

The filtration system (formed by the pump of filtration and the tank) is the core of the pool. Indeed, it is the motor that allows the water to move in an efficient way along the pool and it avoids it to get stuck. Stuck water could generate stains and organism that will harm the quality of the water. Filters help in purifying the water so as to transform it in a clear and safe water. The most important aspect is to be aware of the existance of different filters so you can get an optimal filtration that guarantees clean water.

The election of a filtration system depends on each one’s decisión, but above all it is important to take into account the water volume of the pool. It is important to know all the measures of the pool: width, length and volume of water in m3. It will also depend on the cleaning equipment that is used and the distance between the monoblock system and the pool.

Discover our wide range of filters

In Gre we want to show you the different types of filters that exist for your pool:

Sand filter for the pool

Sand filter is the most common of all the filtration systems and also the most used in the pool market. There are three main reasons: easy assembly, low cost of mainteinance and its reliability when filtering the water of the pool.
Sand filters of Gre adapt themselves to every pool and they’re very easy to use. They come with a full system of filtration that allows to make different functions apart from filtration, such as: self-cleaning, filtration and emptying.

Cartridge filter for pools

This cartridge filter is another of the most used in the market due to its quality of filtration as well as for being one of the cheapest way to filter the pool.

It is perfect for small pools and it works in a very simple way: it just recollects the water from the top part of the pool for returning it once it has passed through the cartridge filter and it has already been cleaned.

In addition, the cleaning of these filters is quite confortable. When the filter has been obstructed because of the dirt, you just need to clean it or to replace it for a new one.

If you’re looking for a filter for small pools, definitely this one is for you.

Aqualoon filter

Aqualoon filter of Gre is the latest product of the filtration family in the market. It was born as an alternative to conventional filters. This new one is ecologic, so you’re taking care of the environment while using it.

Also, it has a filtration system that is able to capture tiny residues, obtaining a clear and purified water. This filter works thanks to Aqualoon, a new filter media made of polythylene balls, where all the dirt gets stuck. This balls are reusable and can be washed in the washing machine. It’s a great advantage that sands filter don’t have.

It’s a very light and compact product, and its assembly is very easy, that’s why is perfect for médium and small pools.

At the same time, it is important to remark that 700 gr of Aqualoon are equivalent to 25 kg of sand. So, for transporting it is much easier.

Accesories for the filter

Once we have chosen the filter that is better for our pool, it is important to take into account that is necessary to keep all those elements somewhere, to avoid them to be outside. For this reason, Gre considers essential to have a technical room for the filter.

This technical rooms are made of different materials and produced in different sizes so as to try to adapt them to every pool. They are designed for avoiding the damage of filtration or cleaning material. Furthermore, they help to keep the pool and its surroundings as aesthetically as possible.

The cleaning of the pool is the main basis for a great functioning. We need a great water quality for being able to enjoy our pool with our beloved ones without having to worry. That’s the reason for choosing the best filtration option for your pool. Have you already chosen yours?

Discover our wide range of filters