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Vacuum cleaners Little Vac

Vacuum cleaners Little Vac

GRE manual cleaner range is the most economical range in terms of automated pool cleaning. These cleaners are connected directly to the discharge valve or the skimmer. Thanks to its telescopic handle, it is allowed a complete manual cleaning and perfectly collect dirtiness from all corners of the pool. This range of pool cleaners adapt perfectly to small or medium pools.


Product characteristics:

  • Little Vac is a maintenance kit
  • Apt for self-supporting or above ground pools with a purifier with minimum flow of 2 m³/h.
  • Includes: Manual suction pool cleaner, 5 m hose of Ø38 mm, pole in 4 sections of 40 cm) and 3 connection parts.
  • Contains an internal bag easy to clean that functions as a prefilter that allows retaining the largest filters (leaves, insects...)
  • The internal bag prevents the filtering system from being obstructed