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Universal Skimmer Universal skimmer - Colour white

Universal Skimmer Universal skimmer - Colour white

The skimmer is part of the pool filtration equipment and prevents that what falls in our pool, for example leaves or insects, does not end at the bottom of the pool. The first large particles are collected thanks to the pre-filter of the skimmer basket, and the finer particles get trapped in the filter (cartridge or sand).

This range of Skimmers offered by GRE is suited to many pools outside the range of GRE that is large or small nozzle.


Product characteristics:

  • Universal skimmer for dismountable pools
  • Apt for above ground pools
  • Includes impulsion nozzle
  • The skimmer is complete with flap, basket and upper circular cover, fixing frame, double watertight seal, impulsion nozzle, cover for connection to pool cleaner and with compatible couplings for hose of 32 y 38 mm
  • Dimension: 24 x 20 x 32 cm
  • Colour: Blanco