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Accesories for skimmer Spare flap for the skimmer

Accesories for skimmer Spare flap for the skimmer

GRE comes up with a wide range of spare parts and accessories for GRE skimmers so that if a basic component of the skimmer is broken, a replacement part can be purchased and there is no need to buy the complete product again. All skimmer accessories are adapted to the products sold by GRE.


Product characteristics:

  • Spare flap for the skimmer
  • The flap prevents residues that are in the skimmer from coming back out
  • It lets small residues pas that go directly to the filter tank
  • The largest elements will be deposited into basket preventing being returned to the water
  • Maintenance of the skimmer flap is important to maintain water quality
  • Manufactured from ABS material
  • Dimensions: 16 x 3 x 12 cm