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Confort pumps Self priming pump - 1/3 CV

Confort pumps Self priming pump - 1/3 CV

The pool pump is a fundamental element of the filtration system of the pool, it sucks water from the pool through the skimmer and it throws back once it is filtered. The best advantage of GRE pumps, apart from being one of the most economical pumps on the today´s market, is that they are products that adapt to any type of pool that exists on the market, not just only in the range of GRE's removable pools.

The range of self-priming pumps Comfort GRE is composed of 3 pumps with powers between 1/3 CV and 3/4 HP. It is about pumps of centrifuges of a single stage, autocebantes, conceived for the use of filtration system of a swimming pool.


Product characteristics:

  • Self-suction pump with 1/3 CV power
  • Apt for a pool with maximum volume of 35 m³
  • Has capacity for filtering 7,000 litres per hour at a power of 250 W
  • For a filter of 300 mm diameter
  • Comfort Range
  • Colour: black