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Safety Flexible barrier for pools

Safety Flexible barrier for pools

Alarm for immersion detection - 24 x 9 x 30 cm. Maximum vigilance. It is placed in automatic surveillance mode 15 minutes after the bath. Permanent information on the status of surveillance.


Product characteristics:

  • Safety barriers for swimming pools
  • Pre-assembled module of 3.66 m length and 1.25 m height
  • Apt for all types of pools
  • Textile effect transparent that allows excellent visibility of the pool
  • Contains an anti-UV treatment
  • Dual action closures for access using any of the modules
  • Lightweight system allowing easy handling
  • Easy installation and simple uninstallation
  • Anchoring to the ground with inserts
  • Includes 5 structural aluminium posts and covers to cover the inserts after removing the barrier.
  • Conforms to the French standard NFP 90-306