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Dispensers Dispenser - 200 g tablets

Dispensers Dispenser - 200 g tablets

The floating dosers allow regulate the amount of chemical that is released in the pool, helping to put the treatment in a simple way and without damaging the liner. GRE dispensers have a lower ring that allows regulating the dissolution of the chemical in the pool in high or low intensity. Some dispensers of the range also include a thermometer to have a two-in-one product and to avoid having several elements floating in the pool.

Technical data sheet

  • Range Eco Range


Product characteristics:

  • Floating dispenser
  • Includes upper ring to fix the dosing device to the stairs
  • Includes a lower ring to all regulating the dosing of chemical product
  • It has an upper cover for the simple change of tablets
  • Capacity for tablets of 200 g
  • Designed in a combination of colours: white and blue