Robots Wet Runner Xpert

Ref.: RBR120

Robots Wet Runner Xpert

Ref.: RBR120


The pool electric pool cleaners of GRE range enable cleaning the pool in a comfortable automatic and efficient way. Our range of robots adapts to all types of pools and you can clean the bottom, the walls and the waterline (depending on the model). Equipped with innovative systems GRE electric cleaners will collect large waste such as leaves and finer particles such as sand. The pool robot is the best tool to help you cleaning your pool.

Technical data sheet

  • Type of cleaning Floor
  • Type of pool cleaner Robots
  • Transport Trolley No
  • Type of filtering Filtering cartridge


Product features:

  • Battery-powered robotic pool cleaner for above-ground and in-ground pools with a maximum slope of 15%
  • Ideal for pools up to 12 x 5 m (40 x 16 ft)
  • Charging time: 8h
  • Autonomy: 120 min
  • Power: 51W
  • Battery: 13.000 mAh
  • Suction power: 6 m³/h
  • Filtration capacity: 3L
  • Cleaning surface: 60 m²

    Product description:

    • Lightweight, easy to use, cordless pool cleaner
    • Includes hook to pick it up from the water
    • Specific particle filter to retain the finest debris