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Manual cleaners Vacuum head half moon - Eco Range

Manual cleaners Vacuum head half moon - Eco Range

Manual cleaners are essential products to keep your pool clean all the year. They connect to a hose and to the pool filtration so as to suck the dirtiness that is at the bottom of the pool. Manual cleaners suck up the finest particles that can not be picked up by the bottom leaf nets and rakes. GRE offers a wide range of manual cleaners of different types, colors or materials to cover all the cleaning needs of the pool.

Technical data sheet

  • Range Eco Range


Product characteristics:

  • Manual crescent-shaped cleaner head
  • Suitable for cleaning the bottom of the pool
  • Offers fast and economical pool maintenance
  • Effective for daily maintenance tasks
  • The waste is sucked through hose, which is connected to the skimmer or the suction connection, and carried to the filter
  • Connection to suction hose Ø32 mm - Ø38mm
  • Apt for all types of pools and coatings
  • Fits any telescopic handle with clip on connection system
  • Colour: blue
  • Range: Eco Range
  • Dimension: 29 x 12 x 27 cm