Water treatment

Flocculant Floculant cartridges 125 gr

Ref.: 76044

Flocculant Floculant cartridges 125 gr

Ref.: 76044


The flocculant is used to clarify water and remove sustances in suspension. Its objective is to eliminate the brown water of the pool as the flocculat recovers the crystalline water.There are two types of flocculation: the one that takes place inside the filter and the flocculation inside the vessel. GRE proposes a wide range of flocculant for any use of swimming pool and for both types of flocculation.

Technical data sheet

  • Problem Cloudy Waters
  • Chemical Weight 125 g
  • Chemical Type Cartridges


Product characteristics:

  • 125 g flocculant cartridges
  • Allows improving the filtering quality (only sand filters)
  • Helps to clarify water
  • It is a maintenance product
  • Allows increasing the fineness of filtering and eliminating the finest particles this way
  • Placed in the skimmer basket
  • 125 g cartridge format
  • Quantity. Package contains: 1kg

Method of use:

  • Placed in the skimmer basket
  • Cloudy water: 1 cartridge per 50 m³ in addition to shock chlorination
  • Maintenance: 1 cartridge for each 50 m³ every 10 - 15 days
  • After 8 hours it will suck of the flocculants deposited at the bottom of the pool
  • Do not use with compatible with diatom or cartridge filters