Water treatment

Chemical in monodosis Clear Dose Multiprotect - 8 x 35 g

Chemical in monodosis Clear Dose Multiprotect - 8 x 35 g

New range in dosed format! The range of chemical products in monodose is a dosed format ready to use so you save time in the treatment of water.This format facilitates the task of taking care of the water in the pool since they are exact doses for a medium or small pool. Forget about measuring the dose use more product than necessary and save money with this chemical format. The great advantage of this product is that its format does not require direct contact with the product thus avoiding possible risks.


Product characteristics:

  • Clear Dose - Single Dose 8x35 g multiprotect
  • Single-dose granular format for easy application
  • Multiprotection Treatment: anti-algae anti-scale flocculant water free of oil and foam
  • Biodegradable single dosing flocculant product with great clarifying power capable of eliminating colloidal particles that are found in pool water
  • Is presented in hydro soluble dosing formats
  • Prevents cloudiness of water
  • Prevents lime deposits
  • Reduces the consumption of products used for disinfection
  • Compatible with salt electrolysis equipment
  • Compatible with most types of disinfection treatments
  • Not compatible with cartridge filters
  • 1 dose per 25 m³ of water
  • Quantity. Package contains: 8 x 35 g
  • Dimension: 16 x 22,5 x 5,2 cm

Method of use:

  • Step 1: Revise that the pH Chlorine / Bromide values are within the recommended limits
  • Ideal values: pH = 7.2-7.6 Chlorine = 1-2 ppm and Bromide = 3.5 ppm
  • Step 2: With the filtering in operation deposit in the skimmer a dosing of Clear Dose Multiprotect for each 25 m³ every week
  • Important: always keep the filter running for at least 4 hours