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Above-ground pools

Oval Sunbay Safran – 637 x 412 x ↕133 cm

Oval Sunbay Safran – 637 x 412 x ↕133 cm

As the European leader in the manufacture of wooden pools, GRE offers throughout Sunbay brand a wide range of swimming pools made in France with French wild pine. Wood is a sustainable and ecological material of great strength and durability.

Its own easy installation and its rustic aesthetics make it an ideal element that adapts perfectly to the garden. These pools have all the necessary accessories: wooden structure, sand filter, liner, ladder and bottom protective blanket.

Technical data sheet

  • Material Wood
  • Shape of pool Rectangular
  • Range Sunbay
  • Volume of water From 20 to 30m³
  • Installation time More than 5h / 2 persons
  • Concrete slab necessary Yes
  • Height 133 cm
  • Length 637 cm
  • Width 412 cm
  • Type of filtering Sand filtering


Product description:

  • Oval wooden pool manufactured in France from French Scots pine
  • Commercial dimension: 637 x 412 x ↕133 cm
  • Fixing system: with metallic wedges
  • Reference: 790089 SAFRAN


  • External dimension: 637 x 412 x 133 cm
  • Internal dimension: 590 x 365 x 130 cm


  • Blue PVC liner with anti-UV treatment
  • Sand purifier Includes silex sand
  • Wooden exterior stepladder and interior stainless steel stepladder.
  • Pool bottom and wall protectors
  • French Scots Pine structure with class IV autoclave PEFC Certificate
  • Metal trim
  • Includes skimmer unit
  • Includes connection hoses


  • Structure with 10 year Guarantee
  • Rest of components have 2 year guarantee


  • Multiple possibilities of installation: above ground, semi-embedded or complete embedding
  • Mandatory concrete slabs in the following sizes: 638 x 463 x H15 cm (4,43m³)ÍA-MADERA-10-AÑOS_png-68.png

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