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Cover for round pools Ø551 cm

Cover for round pools Ø551 cm

The winter covers allow covering the pool during the winter and avoid filling the pool with dirtiness such as leaves or small animals. In addition, they protect the pool from the ice, prevent possible falls and maintain the water temperature at night.

GRE offers a wide range of winter covers for removable round pools that adapt to all types of pools: steel, wood, composite, inflatable or tubular. The thickness of the covers varies according to the pool models and ranges from 100 g / m² to 580 g / m². All the winter covers from GRE range carry a water evacuation to the middle of the cover and the necessary elements to fix the cover to the structure of the pool.

Technical data sheet

  • Thickness 580 g/m²
  • Diámetro Ø 551 cm


Product characteristics:

  • Round winter cover for wooden pool (Violette Model) of Ø511 cm
  • Protects from ice and dirt and prevents falls
  • Opaque material to avoid exposition to sun rays and prevent growth of algae and bacteria
  • Aid to maintain water in good condition
  • Contains rain-water drainage holes to avoid formation of bags of water
  • Reinforced metal grommets for installing the cord
  • Heats the water of the pool and maintains the temperature at night
  • Thickness: 580 g/m²
  • Colour: grey
  • By means of the cover: Ø551 cm
  • Material: Reinforced PVC
  • Includes: elastic cord and plastic hooks for great resistance for fixing

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