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Vacuum cleaners kits Vacuum head kit with handle and hose

Vacuum cleaners kits Vacuum head kit with handle and hose

Pool cleaner kits are created to have a complete equipment for pool care.

Composed generally by a few poles, a leaf net and rake, a floating dispenser and several small accessories. These kits avoid you buying multiple separate items and increase its costs.

The pool cleaner kits are an inexpensive solution to start cleaning your pool. GRE pool cleaner kits are adapted to small or medium size pools thanks to their hoses of several meters.


Product characteristics:

  • Cleaning kit for above ground and in ground pools
  • Helps to keep the bottom of the pool in good condition
  • Includes manual pool cleaner head with side brushes
  • Contains aluminium telescopic pole in 3 sections of 1.20 meters each (3.6 meters max.)
  • Includes a floating suction hose of 6 meters with Ø38 mm terminals