Above-ground pools

Oval Amazonia 610 x 375 x ↕132 cm

Oval Amazonia 610 x 375 x ↕132 cm

The Amazonia swimming pool range consists on 2 oval steel pools with wooden decoration. These pools are easily installed thanks to their system of buried steel beams which allows you to have a large swimming surface occupying less space in your garden.

The kit is delivered with all the necessary equipment for the assembly: steel structure, liner, skimmer, sand filter, floor tapestry and ladder.

Technical data sheet

  • Pool Material Steel
  • Pool Finish Wood imitation steel
  • Range Amazonia
  • Volume of water From 20 to 30m³
  • Installation time More than 5h / 2 persons
  • Pool height 132 cm
  • Pool length 610 cm
  • Pool width 375 cm
  • Type of Filtering Sand filtering
  • Pool Shape Oval


Product description:

  • Oval pool with steel wall and wood decoration
  • Commercial dimension: 610 x 375 x ↕132 cm
  • Fixing system: with embedded beams eliminating need for side posts
  • Reference: KITPROV6188WO


  • External dimension: 634 x 400 x 132 cm
  • Internal dimension: 610 x 375 x 130 cm
  • Water volume: 23,28 m³


  • Blue PVC liner with anti-UV treatment -liner thickness: 40/100
  • Sand purifier - Flow group 6 m³/h. Includes silex sand (±40 kg). Our filters are in conformity with European regulations
  • Safety step ladder with platform and 6 steps (3x2). Allows dismounting the steps of one side to impede access by children to the pool and prevent accidents. In conformity with European regulations
  • Polyethylene protective cover
  • Galvanised steel pool structure and profiles
  • Injection protectors for joints between horizontal profiles
  • Includes skimmer unit
  • Includes connection hoses


  • Metallic structure with 4 year guarantee
  • Rest of components have 2 year guarantee


  • Installation time of pool: with 2-3 people about 7 hours
  • Above ground pool
  • Optional concrete slab