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Water treatment

Blue Connect Blue connect Go

Blue Connect Blue connect Go

Blue Connect is an intelligent analyzer of pool water parameters. This product floats above the water of the pool and transmits directly through a mobile application the measurement of various parameters and water levels.

Blue Connect measures the temperature, pH and ORP. Discover the most innovative product in the pool water analysis. Thanks to Blue Connect, you can control and take care of your pool´s water during the 24 hours of the day at a distance


Product characteristics:

  • Intelligent water tester for the swimming pool
  • Suitable for any pool and spa
  • Contains a high-tech 3-in-1 sensor that measures the main parameters of the pool water: temperature, pH and disinfectant level (ORP)
  • Automatically connected 24 hours a day. Provides real-time pool data
  • Indicates the necessary chemical treatment, depending on the parameters of your pool and state of the water
  • Checks pool conditions and weather information in real time from a Smartphone using a free application
  • Guarantees easy pool maintenance
  • Get clean pool water using fewer chemicals
  • Saves time, money and protects the environment
  • Can be connected through Sigfox (Subscription to Sigfox - Not include)
  • Sensor with guarantee of 2 years
  • Material: PVC (recyclable)
  • Dimension: 9,6 x 9,6 x 25 cm
  • Weight : 687 g

Method of use:

  • Download the application: iOS or Android
  • Connect and configure your Blue Connect
  • Place Blue Connect in the pool water