Solar shower PVC shower – 30 litres

Solar shower PVC shower – 30 litres

The installation of a solar shower in the garden or around the pool is very simple and allows you to enjoy free hot water quickly. Solar showers heat the water thanks to solar energy and do not consume electricity. They are installed in the garden on the terrace or near the pool and they only need to be connected to a hose with access to water. GRE proposes a wide range of solar showers of different colors with footbaths or without and with tanks ranging from 20 liters to 35 liters.

Technical data sheet

  • Type of shower Solar shower
  • Shower Volume of water 30 liters
  • Footwash No
  • Shower material Plastic
  • Shower colour Black


Product characteristics:

  • Solar energised black PVC shower
  • Dimension Ø14 x 210 cm
  • Heating of water by means of an accumulator tank of 30 litres using solar energy
  • Has capacity for 30 litres
  • Cold and hot water mixer tap
  • Material: PVC black
  • Shape: round