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Rollers Between 244 y 632 cm

Rollers Between 244 y 632 cm

Cover roller for elevated pools. It is easily fixed to the "beaches" of the pool with 2 screwed plates. The use of the roller allows a better conservation of the cover. It includes connectors for tubular pools.

Technical data sheet

  • Apt for Above ground pools


Product characteristics:

  • Enroller for above ground pools LUXE
  • Offering width length between 244 and 632 cm
  • Easily installed via two plates screwed to the “beaches”
  • Levering axle that allows easily installing and removing the cover
  • Hooking system compatible with all summer covers
  • Allows comfortably displacing the enroller to one side to free the entire pool surface after removing the cover
  • Aluminium telescopic tubes 3 tubes of 76 mm and 2 tubes of 80 mm
  • Fixing by means of Velcro, compatible with all summer covers