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Above ground pools lighting Floating solar lamp

Above ground pools lighting Floating solar lamp

The range of spotlights and projectors are designed for any in-ground pools on the market and they incorporate innovative LED technology. Pool projectors are available in several formats: white or multicolored colors. Thanks to these lights, a fun atmosphere will be created for your night baths and they will also illuminate your garden with different colors.

Technical data sheet

  • Apt for Above ground pools
  • Type of illumination White
  • NÂș de LEDs 8


Product characteristics:

  • Floating solar fantasy lamp This product is charged thanks to solar power
  • Different light functions to illuminate the dismountable pool
  • 4 white LEDS and 4 colour LEDS
  • 7 different light programmes both for the walls and for the bottom of the pool The 7 programmes are randomly carried out
  • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries Ni - MH AA 1.2 V