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Cover for oval pools 398 x 298 cm

Cover for oval pools 398 x 298 cm

Summer covers are used when no one is inside the pool and allow to keep the water warm during the day or night. In addition, they help keeping the pool free of dirtiness and keep the pool water cleaned by leaving large particles on the surface.

The great advantage of these covers is that they can also be adapted to other models of swimming pools such as inflatable or tubular pools. The thickness of GRE summer covers varies from 180 to 400 microns, which ensures you covering all your needs. The range of summer covers for oval pools covers all the needs of the GRE pool ranges (wood, steel, composite, hybrid and in ground pools).

Technical data sheet

  • Thickness 400 ยต
  • Length 398 cm
  • Width 298 cm


Product characteristics:

  • Oval wood summer cover for pools of 403 x 303 cm (Model Grenade)
  • Solar light heats the water of the pool and keeps the temperature at night thanks to the bubbles that act as thermal insulation.
  • Aid to maintain water in good condition because it prevents leaves and insects, etc., falling in
  • Floats on the water with the bubbles underneath
  • Easy to use and remove during bathing season
  • Dimension: 398 x 298 cm
  • Thickness: 400 microns
  • Material: Polyethylene with anti-UV components for better durability
  • Colour: blue