Above-ground pools

Round Moorea Ø420 x ↕150 cm

Round Moorea Ø420 x ↕150 cm

The range of underground Moorea steel pools combines all the advantages of in ground pools at a reduced price. This range of 5 pools of 1.50 m height is characterized by its durability and resistance.All the necessary equipment is available in the kit which allows easy and quick assembly. The kit contains the sand filter, the ladder, the liner and the floor tapestry.

Technical data sheet

  • Pool Material Steel
  • Range Moorea
  • Volume of water From 10 to 20m³
  • Installation time More than 5h / 2 persons
  • Pool diameter 420 cm
  • Pool height 150 cm
  • Type of Filtering Sand filtering
  • Pool Finish Galvanised colour steel
  • Pool Shape Round


Product description:

  • In-ground oval pool with steel wall
  • Commercial dimension: Ø420 x ↕150 cm
  • Reference: KPE4259M


  • External dimension: Ø422 x 152 cm
  • Internal dimension: Ø420 x 150 cm
  • Water volume: 18,84 m³


  • Blue PVC liner with anti-UV treatment - liner thickness: 75/100
  • Sand purifier - Flow group 10 m³/h. Includes silex sand (±130 kg). Our filters are in conformity with European regulations
  • Stainless steel stepladder for easy access with 3 steps
  • Polyethylene protective blanket
  • Pool structure of pre-varnished sheet
  • Includes wide mouth skimmer unit
  • Includes connection hoses and couplings


  • Metallic structure with 4 year guarantee
  • Rest of components have 2 year guarantee


  • Installation time of pool: with 2-3 people about 12 hours

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