Cartridgde filters Power 72 W

Cartridgde filters Power 72 W

Cartridge filters or skimmfilters are cheaper products than sand filter and therefore are ideal for small budgets. The cartridges filters are specially designed for pools with a volume of medium-low water.They are very simple to use and their maintenance is limited to cleaning or replacing the replacement cartridge or filter when this has been obstructed by excessive dirtiness loading.

Technical data sheet

  • Pool Type Steel above ground pool
  • Filter Type Cartridge - Interior hanging Skimmer
  • Filter Flow(m³/h) Until 3 m³/h


Product characteristics:

  • Cartridge filter. Designed for pools with water volumes of 16 m³
  • Easy to use y easy maintenance
  • It works by collecting the water from the top which once filtered is returned to the pool
  • Has capacity for filtering 2000 litres per hour at a power of 72 W
  • Includes top cover
  • There are two supports that help for easy installation
  • Perform the functions of the skimmer and the purifier
  • Replacement filter: AR86
  • Colour: blue