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Water treatment

Salt chlorinator Electrolysis for pools up to 55 m³

Salt chlorinator Electrolysis for pools up to 55 m³

Chlorinators by salt electrolysis generate chlorine for the disinfection of the pool from salt.

Salt electrolysis has several advantages: it automatically generates and doses chlorine in the pool, avoids the storage and the manipulation of chemical products and it is totally safe as it only uses with comun salt.


Product characteristics:

  • Salt electrolysis for above-ground and in ground swimming pools
  • Suitable for swimming pools up to 55 m³
  • Chlorine production capacity 8 g/h for optimum water purification.
  • Maintain the pool perfectly clean
  • Chemical chlorine substitute Incorporates disinfection system based on salt
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free
  • It is recommended to always maintaining a quantity of salt of 4 g/l for optimal operation
  • Manual regulation of chlorine production with the integrated potentiometer according to the desired rate of chlorine
  • Includes self-cleaning cover
  • Recommended maximum salt rate of 4 g/l and minimum of 3.2 g/l
  • Dimension: 22,5 x 13,5 x 7 cm

Advantages of salt water chlorination:

  • Allows a pool free from smells and eye irritations during the bath
  • Automatically generates and dispenses chlorine
  • Prevents the need for chemical storage and handling
  • Safe product that only uses common salt