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Robots Track 1

Robots Track 1

The pool electric pool cleaners of GRE range enable cleaning the pool in a comfortable, automatic and efficient way.

Our range of robots adapts to all types of pools and you can clean the bottom , the walls and the waterline. Equipped with innovative systems, GRE electric cleaners will collect large waste such as leaves and finer particles such as sand. The pool robot is the best tool to help you cleaning your pool.

Technical data sheet

  • Type of pool cleaner Robots
  • Pool surface 60 m²
  • Type of cleaning Floor and wall
  • Type of use Stair cleaning
  • Transport trolley No
  • Shape of pool Tubular above ground pool
  • Suction Flow 18 m³/h
  • Type of filtering Filtering cartridge
  • Battery duration 60 min


Product characteristics:

  • Track 1 is an electric cleaner
  • Adapts to all types of pools up to 60 m² of surface
  • Cleans the bottom and half round of curved edge pools
  • Plug Play: the start is very simple, place the robot into water and it ready for cleaning
  • It is lightweight and easily handled
  • Easier and more convenient filter access; no need to turn the robot around.
  • Extra-long top access filter with clear window for better viewing
  • Easy open/close filter for easy cleaning
  • Two cleaning cycles to suit different pool sizes or dirt levels: 1/2 h
  • Anti-tangle system of the cable for optimal operation

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