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Cleaning kits Eco range Kit complet

Cleaning kits Eco range Kit complet

The accessory boxes allow the purchase in the form of a kit of all the cleaning products of the same range. These boxes are generally composed of products from the economic range of GRE with leaf collectors, dispensers, thermometers, footwashes, etc.


Product characteristics:

  • Accessory box
  • This box keeps the water in good condition
  • It consists of a complete kit to have the pool in good condition at all times
  • Range: Eco Range

Products included in the kit:

  • Brush for water line (90128)
  • 20 g floating tablet dispenser (90141)
  • 200 g floating tablet dispenser (90140)
  • Tests chlorine, bromine and pH levels (Oto/Phenol) (90180)
  • Refill for the analyser (Oto / Phenol) (90181)
  • Bottom leaf catcher (90120)
  • Surface leaf catcher (90115)
  • 20 cm brush (90125)
  • Animal decoration thermometer (90132)
  • Universal thermometer l (90130)