Brushes 45 cm brushes - Graphite serie

Brushes 45 cm brushes - Graphite serie

GRE brushes allow to clean in depth the detachable and in ground pools both the bottom and the walls. The brushes of GRE range are designed with a fastening system (clip system or wing motifs) to connect with a telescopic handle which makes possible to clean the surface of an entire pool without having to be moving around the pool. These brushes are available in various sizes colors or materials to cover all the cleaning needs of the pool.


Product characteristics:

  • 45 cm brush
  • Suitable for all types of swimming pools
  • Ideal for cleaning the bottom and walls of the pool
  • Sturdy and durable bristles for long useful life
  • Cleans thoroughly without damaging the pool liner
  • Easy to use and convenient thanks to rounded corners
  • Reaches the most complicated areas
  • Helps keep the water healthy preventing the appearance of harmful organisms
  • Can be attached to a telescopic handle with clip on system to reach corners more easily
  • Regular brushing is recommended even if you have an automatic pool cleaner
  • Comes in an elegant range of blue colours
  • Reference: WBP45