Water treatment

Multiactions 5 actions - 250g tablets 3 Kg

Multiactions 5 actions - 250g tablets 3 Kg

It is a revolutionary product because thanks to its innovative formula it is possible to eliminate bacterias virus and microorganism with only one application. In addition it prevents the development of algae while keeping the water transparent and crystalline.The chemical components of these product ranges are several: slow chlorine shock chlorine anti-algae anti-lime and flocculant. A single dose of this product allows to treat the pool in depth and have a crystal clear water.

Technical data sheet

  • Chemical Type Tablets
  • Chemical Weight 3 kg


Product characteristics:

  • Multifunction 5 actions
  • 250 g tablet format
  • Allows complete treatment of the pools and avoids development of algae
  • Innovative 5-way action formula: disinfection algaecide flocculant stabilizer and ant scaling agent.
  • Eliminates bacteria viruses and microorganisms in general
  • Prevents the development of algae
  • Aid to maintain water clean
  • Quantity: contains 3 kg

Method of use:

  • Initial treatment: add 15g of slow chlorine for each m³ of water. After 2 hours adjust the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.6 using pH reducer or increaser
  • Maintenance treatment: with the pH of the water adjusted place a tablet in the skimmer or in the floating dosing device for each 25 m³ of water every 7 - 10 days. The free residual chlorine must be situated between 0.5-2 mg/l.
  • Prolonged contact of the product with the pool surface should be avoided in the case of polyester liner vinyl or painted pools. This product discolours them.