Water treatment

Multiactions 4 actions - 250g tablets 1,5 Kg

Ref.: 76090

Multiactions 4 actions - 250g tablets 1,5 Kg

Ref.: 76090


It is a revolutionary product because thanks to its innovative formula it is possible to eliminate bacterias virus and microorganism with only one application. In addition it prevents the development of algae while keeping the water transparent and crystalline.The chemical components of these product ranges are several: slow chlorine shock chlorine anti-algae anti-lime and flocculant. A single dose of this product allows to treat the pool in depth and have a crystal clear water.

Technical data sheet

  • Chemical Weight 1,5 kg
  • Chemical Type Bloks


Product characteristics:

  • Multifunction 4 actions without boric
  • 250 g tablet format
  • It is a healthy product which contains no additive that are harmful to health.
  • Does not leave residues in the water
  • Innovative 4-way action formula: chlorine algaecide flocculant and chlorine stabilizer
  • Eliminates bacteria viruses and microorganisms in general
  • Aid to maintain water clean
  • Dosing by means of a floating chemical dispenser
  • Quantity. Package contains: 1.5 kg

Method of use:

  • Initial treatment: add 15 g of Dichloride formed for each m³ of water. After 2 hours adjust the pH of the water between 7.2 and 7.6 using solid pH reducer or increaser
  • Maintenance treatment: with the pH of water adjusted add every 10 days: 1 or 2 tablets of 250 g for every 30 m³ of water. These doses are indicative and can be modified according to the characteristics of each swimming pool climate conditions etc.
  • The initial treatment (super chlorination) must be repeated whenever the water is cloudy. Introduce the necessary dose of the product into the skimmers then start the filtering equipment to dissolve the product by circulating the water through the skimmers
  • It is critical for the entire volume of pool water to be recirculated through the filtering equipment on a daily basis.
  • The free residual chlorine must be between 0.5 and 2 mg/l which is easily measured using a chlorine and pH test kit. Check the levels at least twice a day.