Water treatment

Flocculant Liquid flocculant - 3 L

Ref.: 76073

Flocculant Liquid flocculant - 3 L

Ref.: 76073


The flocculant is used to clarify water and remove sustances in suspension. Its objective is to eliminate the brown water of the pool as the flocculat recovers the crystalline water.There are two types of flocculation: the one that takes place inside the filter and the flocculation inside the vessel. GRE proposes a wide range of flocculant for any use of swimming pool and for both types of flocculation.

Technical data sheet

  • Problem Cloudy Waters
  • Chemical Weight 3 liters
  • Chemical Type Liquid


Product characteristics:

  • 3 litres liquid flocculant
  • Recuperates cloudy water of the pool grouping the impurities that cannot be filtered causing them to fall to the bottom to be eliminated with the help of a pool cleaner
  • Clarifies water and removes suspended particles
  • Flocculant treatment for maintaining the water of the pool
  • Liquid apt for flocculation inside the pool
  • Liquid format
  • Quantity. Package contains: 3 litres

Method of use

  • Cloudy water: Add 100ml to 200ml of liquid flocculant per 10 m³ of water
  • Maintenance: add 5 ml of liquid Flocculant for each 10 m³ of water
  • Flocculation in the pool is only recommendable when there is no possibility of eliminating the cloudiness of the water with the filtering process
  • With the filter off and no one in the pool pour the required dose of liquid flocculant into a container with water and pour around the edge of the pool.
  • After 8 hours it will suck of the flocculants deposited at the bottom of the pool
  • Can be corrosive for other materials