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Water treatment

Desinfectant for surfaces Surface disinfection- 1L

Desinfectant for surfaces Surface disinfection- 1L

With regular cleaning we manage to remove visible dirt, which affects the aesthetics of the pool, but we are not able to remove the invisible dirt that affects our health. This invisible dirt lies on the pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) that can cause diseases. To eliminate them it is necessary to disinfect all surfaces, especially those that are in direct contact with the skin: shower, stairs, floors, garden furniture, pool walls...


Product characteristics:

  • Neutral liquid product with powerful sanitizing action to prevent the transmission of viruses, bacteria and fungi, which may occur through skin contact with wet and contaminated surfaces
  • Disinfectant for all types of pool surfaces: swimming pools, stairs, liners, showers ...
  • Suitable for all surfaces, even the most delicate ones, without damaging them
  • It does not contain bleach, therefore it does not stain textiles or delicate surfaces
  • Does not alter water parameters
  • Pleasant pine smell
  • Spray format for ease of use
  • For small surfaces
  • Quantity. Package contains: 1L
  • EAN: 8412081313078
  • Reference: 76093

Method of use:

  • Use undiluted. Apply daily to the surfaces to be disinfected (benches, walls and floors of showers, saunas, changing rooms, accesses to the pool, etc.)
  • Let it dry without rinsing so that the product exerts a lasting sanitizing action.
  • Recommended minimum contact time: 15 min. (after this time, if you wish you can rinse the surface treated with water).
  • Product yield (by spraying on the treatment surface): Consumption = 55 - 60 g / m2 approx.