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Water treatment

Chlorine Granules - 1 Kg

Chlorine Granules - 1 Kg

Chlorine is the product par excellence for both the treatment of water and the care of the pool. It is also the most used and known in the market for its price, ease and comfort of use.

There are two categories of chlorine: shock chlorine to perform a shock treatment and to enable the opening of the pool after a non-use season and trichlorine for daily maintenance of the water. GRE range has several chlorine formats: granules, tablets or liquid to cover all the pool treatment needs.

Technical data sheet

  • Problem Green waters
  • Wight 1 kg
  • Type Granules


Product characteristics:

  • Granular chlorine shock 1 kg
  • Granular format: allows for quick dissolution of the product
  • Rapid shock treatment, achieving complete disinfection of the pool. Allows rapidly and efficiently destroying the micro-organisms, fungi and bacteria. Allows rapidly and efficiently destroying the micro-organisms, fungi and bacteria
  • Achieves complete disinfection of the pool
  • Allows rapidly and efficiently destroying the micro-organisms, fungi and bacteria
  • Clean water, free of possible contagions
  • Quantity. Package contains: 1 Kg

Advantages of Chlorine treatment:

  • Chlorine is a disinfectant and an oxidant
  • Chlorine can be preserved by chemical stabilizers, thereby increasing its effectiveness and staying in the water even in direct sunlight. It is therefore recommended for outdoor swimming pools
  • Chlorine is more economically priced than other water treatment products

Method of use:

  • It's a good idea to do a shock chlorination: at the beginning of the season / after extreme weather conditions / in case of intensive use of the pool
  • Add the dilution directly on the surface of the pool
  • Avoid prolonged contact of the product with the pool surface as this may damage the liner, vinyl or pool paint.
  • Initial treatment: add 15 g of product for each m³ of water
  • Maintenance treatment: with the pH of water adjusted, add every day 1 to 3 g for each m³ of water. Introduce the necessary dose in the skimmer interior, then starting the filtering equipment. Also it can distributes the dosing on the pool surface for an equal one using a recipient mix with the product with water, for better dissolution. The free residual chlorine must be between 0.5-2 mg/l