Water treatment

Anti-algae Liquid - 3 liters

Ref.: 76071

Anti-algae Liquid - 3 liters

Ref.: 76071


Algae are unicellular plant organisms that can develop and multiply rapidly in the pool water especially when its temperature is warm. Its appearance is quickly identified when we see that the pool begins to look cloudy and green.GRE proposes a large economic and high quality range of anti-algae products in various formats to prevent and eliminate these organisms from the pool.

Technical data sheet

  • Problem Green waters
  • Chemical Weight 3 liters
  • Chemical Type Liquid


Product characteristics:

  • Algaecide 3 litres
  • Algae are unicellular vegetable bodies that can develop and rapidly multiply in pool water above all when the temperature is warm
  • Algae spores are introduced into pool water via the wind the rain etc.
  • Helps to prevent the appearance of algae
  • Anti-algae treatment for maintaining the water of the pool
  • Liquid format
  • Quantity. Package contains: 3 litres

Method of use:

  • Initial treatment: add 2 litres of PE-Ant algae for each m³ of water
  • Maintenance treatment: add 0,5 litres of product once a week for every 100 m³ of water
  • The initial treatment must be repeated whenever the water is cloudy
  • These doses are indicative and can be modified according to the characteristics of each swimming pool climate conditions etc.
  • Pour the necessary dose of product into a recipient with water and equally distribute the mentioned solution on the surface of the pool preferably in the evening without the presence of bathers in the pool