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Above-ground pools

Mariposa pool 282 x 219 x ↕60 cm

Mariposa pool 282 x 219 x ↕60 cm


Mariposa is a small pool which similar like a fragil white butterfly lies on a surface or terrace. Easy to install, less then an hour, no building site is necessary and its ready to use.The wings of Mariposa are comfortable sunbeds whith adjustable low back support in different positions.

The elegant and sophisticated design fits like a decorative object in the outdoorzone of the house.


Product description:

  • Mariposa pools - White colour
  • Commercial dimension: 282 x 219 x ↕60 cm
  • Reference: PBT200


  • External dimension: 282 x 219 x 60 cm
  • Internal dimension: 138 x 165 cm


  • Aluminium structure powder coated
  • Reinforced liner : 0,85 mm
  • Interior of polyester or polymer fibers of high

resistance and durability

  • Italian design sunbeds of high resistance
  • Interior cartridge filter with 12V pump of 60 W. Flow rate=3 m³/h
  • LED Light 3,6 W
  • Include: Vacuum cleaner
  • Made in Italy


  • Liner with 5 year guarantee
  • Rest of components have 2 year guarantee

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