Above-ground pools

Above-ground pools

How to choose the materials of the pool


When choosing the pool we should take into account several factors:

  • The usability of the pool
  • The necessary space that is available
  • Available budget
  • Personal taste to choose the materials of the pool
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A pool will allow you to enjoy unforgettable moments with your family or friends.

It will also be a very special decorative element which will become the center of all eyes.

When buying a pool, we recommend you evaluating a series of aspects in order to choose the model that best suits your needs.

The usability of the pool

It is essential to consider whether the pool will be used very frequently or will be used sporadically. Here influences the factor of if it is about a second residence of little use or of the habitual residence.

A removable pool would be the ideal solution if the pool is going to be used for a limited period of time or if the goal is that your children want to enjoy it.

If it is a steel pool, you can dismantle it at the end of summer.

There are many possibilities in the market. The variety of materials, sizes and shapes is enormous.

Available / necessary surface

When choosing a pool it is important to know the space that is available in order to install it. For a medium size elevated pool, it will be necessary to have an available space of at least 25 m2.

Knowing the situation of the land is essential with removable pools. These pools require assembly, so there must be enough space for all the machinery, such as the excavator, if necessary, to move without problems. The inclination would also be important because depending on this one will have more or less hours of sun, as at the same time taking care of the surroundings of the pool, just because the shrubs or buildings provide shade. A pool should always be installed in the area where the sun hours are as high as possible. In this way it will be more economical to keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature for bathing.

It is also important to mention that accessories related to the pool (pump, sewage treatment, etc.) consume space and require an electrical outlet.

However, if the available space is unlimited, you can choose the pool that best suits both your tastes and your needs.

The pool the way you want it 

When it is about swimming pools, there are no limits when personalizing them. In the case of buried pools, as long as the terrain allows it, you can play with different forms, getting the one you like the most. But you can not only customize the shape, but also the coatings of the pool. In the case of elevated pools, there are different ones to choose from: round, oval, octagonal, eight-shaped, rectangular or square. There is variety in the aesthetics of these pools, both externally and internally.


The pools require an investment, which varies depending on the size of the pool you want to install. When calculating the price, it is important to take into account both the installation (this expense could be eliminated with an own installation) and the maintenance. There is a wide variety, so it is easy to find pools to suit different budgets.

Removable pools are generally easy to install by yourself, so even if your budget is limited, you do not have to give up having a pool.

Removable pools

Elevated or removable pools are the best option for an economical pool. They adapt to different grounds: farms, gardens, courtyard, terraces ... it is as simple as measuring the available surface and knowing the budget to stretch it. All models are easy to install and do not require exhaustive maintenance. Although the elevated pools are removable, they can be fixed during the winter as long as the winter treatment is carried out. There are different types of removable pools:

  • Steel: The pools made with wall and steel profiles are the most common. There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The installation is very simple as the steel wall from which they are formed is easily assembled. As for the interior lining, liners can vary in thickness and finish. The basic version is white color however, the outer wall of steel decorated will give a personal touch to your pool, allowing its integration into the environment. This decoration can be made of wood, stone, graphite, stone etc

  • Wooden: If you want a robust pool, for a perfect integration in both rustic and modern environments, a wooden pool is the perfect choice. You can choose from a wide range of round, oval or rectangular models. In addition, you will have the possibility to assess numerous sizes and heights. The wooden pools are very versatile; they can be installed on the ground, semi-buried or completely in ground. If your space is inclined, a half-buried wooden pool is the perfect choice. Made with top quality French pine, they are guaranteed for 10 years.

  • Composite: Composite pools are characterized by their solidity, strength and innovative aesthetics. The composite material is a very resistant manufactured from a mixture of wood and polymers. It is a hard, solid and with great durability material. Composite pools are made up of very manageable size panels, which make their installation very easy. They are available in round, oval, square or rectangular versions. Its aesthetic fits perfectly in modern environments or gardens where it is sought to give an avant-garde touch as a counterpoint to a more traditional home.
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